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Axure RP Training

What is Axure RP?

Axure RP is the best and first software for User Experience designing. The tool grants you the option for Rapid Prototyping which is used by professional UI / UX designers around the world for designing and prototyping Web and Mobile applications. Axure RP helps you to visualize your design prior to being developed with it’s easy to design tools, with axure’s second to none options and feature’s the possibilities are endless.

What does include the course?

The course includes basic, intermediate and advance level of prototyping. This will help you understand the UX fundamental of prototyping and master the intermediate to advanced level as you learn and practice it.

The course programme:

Module 1:
  • Toolset And State Overview
  • Grids And Guides
  • Pages
  • Site Maps & Information architecture
  • Previewing protoypes
  • Publish Prototypes
  • Shapes
  • Buttons
  • Text
  • Styling text & shapes
  • Aligning And Positioning
  • Masters
  • Creating And Placing Masters In Your Prototype
  • Editing Masters
  • Drop Behaviours
Module 2:
  • Linking Pages Together
  • Using Show / Hide
  • Lightbox And Flyout Examples
  • Using Interaction Styles
  • Dynamic Panels
  • Setting Up And Duplicating Panel States
  • Basic Interactions
  • How To Create Slide Shows And Carousels
  • Text Fields / Text Areas
  • Drop Lists / List Boxes
  • Checkboxes And Radio Buttons
  • Putting Together A Form
  • Carrying Input Data From One Page To Another
Module 3:
  • Creating Responsive Designs
  • Creating Clickable Mobile Apps
  • Page Interactions
  • Using Repeater
  • How To Use Variables With OnLoad Events
  • Loading Libraries
  • Editing Libraries
  • Creating Custom Widget Libraries
  • Widgets With Interactions And Conditionals
  • Setting Up Breakpoints
  • Exporting Specific Views
  • Creating And Managing a Dataset
  • Filtering And Sorting
  • Setting Up Pagination
  • Grids And Spacing

Why Axure RP?

With Axure you can create appealing, interactive and complex prototypes and you don’t need coding experience to create it! Yes, you heard it right. Axure is a powerful tool to create high fidelity wireframes and flow charts, that can be handed over to the development team. Above all, you can also conduct the usability test by sharing the wireframe to the end users and collect the feedback even before starting the development.

There is more than that… Would you like to know more about this tool and how you can be benefitted?

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